Gregory Maichack Pastel Workshop 2017

Artist Gregory Maichack
Pastel Artist & Instructor Gregory Maichack

October 24, 2017, Buckland, MA

The second pastel painting workshop featuring the work of Robert Strong Woodward and conducted by award-winning pastel artist, portraitist and instructor Gregory Maichack was held in the Mary Lyon Church vestry. The event was sponsored by the Friends of Robert Strong Woodward in association with the Buckland Public Library who handled the registration. 28 people attended the much-anticipated workshop and for a number of them, it was their second time participating. The first event had limited capacity and resulted in a waiting list that prompted the second event.

The workshop's featured artwork was one of 20 recently discovered unfinished works of art (most of them chalks). The unfinished chalk (#8) chosen was one of 3 unfinished Halifax Houses. The Halifax House was one of RSW's most beloved subjects, so much so, that upon hearing a colleague was in the area to paint it, he angrily proclaimed, "...that's MY house!" Anyway, this would prove to be an ambitious challenge because in this workshop the participants would be asked to "imagine" the incomplete portions of the work for themselves and then apply RSW's style.

A seasoned pro at teaching pastel technics and recognized by the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) Boston, Massachusetts Cultural Council, Maichack was up to the task. He demonstrates in his 2-hour workshop how beginners to the accomplished artist can apply the techniques used by artists such as Woodward and other masters like van Gogh, O'Keefe, Monet to make their own works of art. It is a wonderful program and we suggest you visit his website o learn more. What cannot say enough about how impressed we are with Greg and his work, the Friends of RSW (particularly Janet Gerry and Carl Nelke) and the Buckland Public Library for their efforts in making this possible. WELL DONE, let's do more!

Participants working on their masterpieces
Participants working on their masterpieces
28 aspiring artist attended the workshop.
Greg using a Da Vinci sketch to illustrate
Greg using a Da Vinci sketch to
illustrate you do not need to be perfect.
Greg guiding participants
Greg guiding participants on using
a grid to help structure your sketch
The inspiration of the workshop
The inspiration of the workshop,
this recently discovered Unfinished Chalk
Artist Gregory Maichack
In no time at all, one is well on
their way to creating a work of art.
Greg supplies the pastels
Greg supplies the pastels, selecting
the colors that best match the work

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