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Berkshire Business-Men Art League Exhibit, 1941
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Article Summary

This article is a profile of Woodward by Margaret Getchell for the Boston Evening Transcript (Dec. 8, 1920). It gives an excellent description of Woodward's life and work at Redgate during the early years of his career.

The website staff finds it so interesting that this reporter would travel by train to spend the day with Woodward after receiving attention of note with his paintings exhibited at the Boston Art Club exhibitions. The reporter makes note that Woodward purposely does not make it a point to appear at exhibitions.

"He fears that if he himself should appear at the galleries where they are shown, a sentimental interest might be awakened in his work; and he wants no such special interest, but rather desires his power as an artist to be the foundation for the reputation which he is so rapidly building."

It is a great insight to Woodward and one of the more intimate profiles ever written about him. It is a great read.

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