This website is a tribute to the life and artwork of Western Massachusetts artist Robert Strong Woodward (1885 -1957).

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The Buckland Historical Society/Robert Strong Woodward: 2023 Calendar

The Buckland Historical Society/Robert Strong Woodward 2023 Calendar

  The artwork for the 2023 annual Woodward calendar to benefit the Buckland Historial Society has been selected! While there was no specific theme intended for this year's calendar. One revealed itself to us after it was assembled.

  Twelve never-before-used and new paintings will be featured, encompassing a full range of Woodward's work. The chosen title for the calendar will be...

"Everlasting New England"

  The name has two inspirations. The first is the title of the upcoming exhibit at the Memorial Hall Museum in Deerfield, "The Living Landscape". A descriptive phrase illustrating Woodward's use of poetic effect in all of his work. The second inspiration is the philosophical principal behind Woodward's objective to portray things as they are without any embellishment.

  Woodward held a fascination with evolution, particularly the principles of Darwin's natural selection. So much so, that Woodward once named a mare he owned during his Hiram Woodward years, "Tsune". Tsune (soo-ney) is an ancient Japanese Kanji character meaning, "always" in everyday usage. But in a strict philosophical sense, it means, "everlasting" in a specifically sempiternal and temporal sense. That is, being faithful to time alone and time is always and everlastingly in the present moment.

  For the sake of brevity, it means that while a leopard may evolve and change its spots, it is still at its essence a leopard. The same can be said of New England. As much as things appear to change, they also unequivocally stay the same! In assembling the paintings for this year's calendars we realized that each scene is one, which on any given day driving through Western Massachusetts, can be found seemingly unchanged from Woodward's time.

  This is critically important to understanding Woodward. Audiences in his time, as we still do to this day, look at his work through the eye of sentimentality. We view his work as "pastoral", a time gone by and passed. Woodward was actually capturing New England, as it is and always will be... The everlasting and constant present moment. The now and future that endures because New England can't be anything else than what it is. No more than Woodward can be anything other than the artist he became. You are what you are and one's acceptence in that true is not only comforting, it permits you to embrace the tradition (from whence you came) and the resulting evolution (where you will go) in growth, well-being and joy just as Woodward found on his journey.

"Who has a harder fight than he
who is striving to overcome hiself."

A quote from Thomas a Kempis, the namesake
of Woodward's other horse at Hiram

Brian Charles Miller

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