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Time Period:
Oct. of 1937

East Poultney, Vt.

Oil on Canvas


Churches, Buildings

27 X 30





"Made as one of my church series for Mr. Garvan and intended for the Yale Museum."RSW

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East Poultney Church

RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted Oct. of 1937. Made as one of my church series for Mr. Garvan and intended for the Yale Museum. When in great pain went to visit the Grondahls in Dorset, just to paint this picture, 25 miles away. Painted under tense difficulties. Horace Greeley from boyhood lived in East Poultney (in white house to the left of the canvas). And also his rival Mr. (George) Jones of the N.Y. .... Mr. Jones restored the church to its present condition."

Comments on the back of a sepia print:

"Late autumn landscape. Horace Greeley came from this town and the Jones family who owned at one time the New York Times, I believe. The Jones family recently restored this beautiful old church, just before I painted it. Church is white. Late autumn colors in background. Spire rises against cerulean blue sky with white clouds. Dull gold maple in right foreground. Grass strip soft yellowish green."

Additional Notes

Rutland Vt. Summer of 1945

December Window Lamp
Clipping of the East Poultney
Church after renovations.

"East Poultney Church is interesting in its truly photographic technique but is not outstanding as to actual craftsmanship."

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This painting was last known to be owned by Dr. Royal Meyers, now deceased, Waterbury, Conn.