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Time Period:
Painted about 1930

Route 8A, just before Vermont.

Oil on Canvas



30 x 36

Deerfield Academy, Hillson Gallery




According to RSW, there is a chalk drawing of the same scene. It whereabouts are unknown.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted about 1930. Made from the Smith place in North Heath. A chalk drawing of the same subject is owned by Reverend Arthur T. Kinsolving, noted Episcopal rector."

Editor's Note:

We believe Woodward erred with the middle initial of Rev. Kinsolving. The Kinsolving family is one of the great families of clergy in the U. S. From Rev. Ovid Americus Kinsolving (1823-94), a descendant of British settlers in Tidewater, Va. Four of his sons, and four more of his grandsons and one great-grandson all entered the rectory according to a Time Magazine article dated March, 23, 1933. All of them are famous for one thing or another, Bishops in Brazil, Texas, and Arizona, etc. All Episcopalians to which was Woodward's church.

We believe he is referring to the academic, Dr. Rev. Arthur "LEE" Kinsolving, whose nickname was "little Tui" after his uncle, Brazilian Bishop, Arthur Barksdale "Big Tui" Kinsolving II. Arthur Lee graduated Phi Beta Kappa and won a Rhoades Scholarship to study At Oxford for a year. His first assignment was as the rector of the Grace Church at Amherst College (1924- '32). He left Amherst to take rector position with the prestigious Trinity Church in Boston (1932-'40), and later returning to collegiate life as the rector of the Trinity Church at Princeton University (1940-'47). He ended his career as pastor of the St. James' Episcopal Church in Manhattan and retired to Baltimore to be close to his cousin, Rev. Arthur Barksdale Kinsolving III.

Additional Notes

Art Chat by Anna W. Olmsted

"....and in this same harmonious group is Gray New England, with its single flash of blue sky amid menacing gray clouds, a subtle piece of painting....."

Springfield Early Republican, Springfield, Mass.: Thurs. Dec. 12, ? year

"A rambling farmhouse with a series of sheds, barns, and other accessories to the old-time country home is sympathetically drawn in Gray New England."

The farm as it appears in 2006. Most of the barns
have been torn down.

This artwork was exhibited at Deerfield Academy, Hillson Gallery, December, 1957, and Stoneleigh Prospect Hill School, Greenfield, Massachusetts, 1933.

This painting is privately owned.