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Time Period:
Painted in 1935.

Wilder Pasture on Charlemont Road
Buckland Center, MA

Oil on Canvas


Mountains, Landscapes & Views

40 x 50

Mt. Holyoke Coll. Dwight Hall, 1935

Mt. Holyoke College, Class of '35



Painting is currently hanging at the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, South Hadley, MA.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted in 1935. A large canvas of Putts Hill ;which I painted out of doors from Wilder's pasture, the village of Buckland nestled in the valley. Made for an exhibition at Mt. Holyoke College from which the graduating Class was to buy a canvas for the college. They chose one of Daniel Garber's, but the college, under the influence of Mary Wooley and Miss Galt, wanted the painting for the college so it was bought and hung in the library of the college." Sold for $500 (plus frame) in November, 1935, to the college to hang in new Williston Library Wing."

More about Daniel Gerber and the painting chosen by the graduating class:

A Country Town
A Country Town, Daniel Garber (American 1880 - 1958)
Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, South Hadley, MA

American artist Daniel Garber was a leading figure in the Pennsylvania School of Landscape Painting, a group centered around the village of New Hope in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The photograph to the right is the painting chosen by the graduating class.
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Photo Credit:
Daniel Garber
(American 1880 - 1958)
A Country Town
Oil on Canvas, 1923
Mount Holyoke College Art Museum,
South Hadley, Massachusetts
Photograph Petegrorsky / Gipe

Additional Notes

This painting has frequently been confused with another painting of Mary Lyon's Hill, only the other painting is unnamed and a smaller 30 x 36" sized version. Even we confused the two for a period of time, having the unnamed painting as the image above. All of that is now sorted out. Each painting image is now assigned to its respective page.

One can see that the perspectives slightly vary. Woodward appears to be higher up the Wilder pasture in the 40 x 50 Mary Lyon's Hill painting than the unnamed 30 x 36. The tree lines are different and the location of the steeple of Mary Lyon's Church marking the Buckland village center is vastly different in each painting. In fact you can see more of the village's other buildings in the unnamed painting. Both paintings appear to be made around the same time given that there are only slight differences in the cut clearings up the face of the double-peaked hill.