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Time Period:
Prior to 1932

Adams, MA

Oil on Canvas


Mountains, Landscapes & Views






Mt. Greylock was featured in several drawings and paintings by RSW.

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Featured Artwork: Mount Greylock in December

Mount Greylock in December
Photograph is taken from an article in the Manchester Journal, September 1, 1932.
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An old picture of Mount Greylock in December

ARTCHAT by Anna W. Olmsted

Mr. Woodward's pastel Mt. Greylock in December shown in the Manchester exhibition summer before last, and praised by Royal Cortissoz, Dean of American art critics, as the outstanding picture of the exhibition, has been bought, we are interested to hear, by Lincoln Isham, great grandson of Abraham Lincoln.

N.Y. HERALD TRIBUNE - Sept. 4, 1932
An Exhibition Amid the Green Mountains
By Royal Cortissoz
Manchester Vt.
August 31, 1932

"A salient instance is provided by one of the landscapes which do more than paintings in any other category to give the show its character. This is the Mount Greylock in December by Robert Strong Woodward. I indicated just now that there were no singular ‘spots" in the collection but I had forgotten for a moment Mr. Woodward's fine panorama of mountain and valley. It detaches itself beautifully from its surroundings by virtue of the broad impression it conveys of a majestic scene, and through the quality it has of a subject apprehended with genuine emotion. Incidentally, there is some fine drawing in the work. Mr. Woodward shows two other good pictures but the Mount Greylock is unquestionably his chief contribution and one of the arresting episodes of the occasion. What has impressed me in his art, and in that of more than one of his colleagues, is the fusion of the large, even grand nature of the scenery of this lovely part of the world with its more intimately beguiling traits. These mountains are imposing and have an air of unbroken stillness in which there is a strain of sadness, but, as the philosophical squire said to Dr. Johnson, ‘Cheerfulness is always creeping in.""

New York Herald Tribune, Sept, 1932

"Mr. Woodward's picture Mount Greylock in December was the one canvas that stood out from the others---that 'made a hole in the wall'--- as the saying is, in the exhibition this summer at Manchester, Vt.. What has impressed me is his fusion of the large even grand nature of the scenery in this lovely part of the world with its more intimately beguiling traits."