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Time Period:
Painted in 1929 or 30.

"The Putney Place"
70 Whipple Hill Road,
Richmond, NH.

Oil on Canvas



25 X 30


Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rosenzweig



Painting is of "The Putney Place," Richmond, NH.

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RSW's Diary Comments

Handwritten letter by RSW to Mr. Rosenzweig
Handwritten letter by RSW to Mr. Rosenzweig

"Painted in 1929 or 30. Painted from old house lived in by a Mr. Franklin over back of Warwick toward Fitzwilliams Road. Also made chalk drawing and 40 x 50 Out of New England Soil of same subject."

Editor's note: RSW was mistaken that this location was in Warwick, NH. It was actually just over the line in Richmond, NH.

Comments on the back of sepia prints:

"An impressive canvas with much sentiment."

"Very sun-soaked and warm in the canvas. New England in its pure simplicity"

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Additional Notes

A brick from the old chimney of this house
is preserved in the Woodward Southwick Studio

Boston Transcript, Oct. 1932

"Interestingly, as well, because of the Van Gogh-like use of swirling brush strokes is the view of Mr. Franklin's House, that, as befits a logged structure, finds place beneath the sheltering arms of a woods."

Now hangs in a home in North Carolina.

Sold Dec. 1943, to Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rosenzweig of 95 Beacon St. Greenfield, Mass."

We think that the following photo shows the current appearance of the house in the painting above. Further investigation is being carried out in the register of deeds to prove this.

Courtesy Richmond Historical Society
Exhibition Invitation
Exhibition Invitation:
Macbeth Gallery, NYC,
Dec. 1932- Jan. 1933

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To the right:The image of Mr. Franklin's House was selected by RSW to be on the exhibition notice for an exhibition of his oil paintings at MacBeth Gallery in New York City in 1933.