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Time Period:
Painted in winter of 1940

None, painting is a composite
of 3 other paintings

Oil on Canvas



20 X 40


Mrs. Ada Moore



It was very unusual for RSW to make composite paintings from parts of other paintings.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted in winter of 1940. A composite picture I made up in the studio of a typical New England village street, from Buckland church canvas, church and house of Marlboro church canvas, overhanging branches of Halifax elm. Made for Grand Central Art Gallery patron and sent down there but they didn"t buy it. Exhibited at Easthampton and Northfield and then sent in June, 1941, down to Rockmarge, Prides Crossing among many others for Mrs. Moore"s inspection. She chose New England and it hangs in her beautiful house, Rockmarge, at Prides Crossing."

Additional Notes

For Provenance click here for The Story of Marlboro , VT church paintings.

Enduring New England is a similar painting of a different size.

In 1940 RSW made this painting as a composite of the Marlboro Church in the center, the tree overhang in the painting of the Mary Lyon Church on the left, and the tree overhang of the Halifax House painting on the right. He titled this painting simply New England. See highlighted images below.

The tree hanging in
Mary Lyon's Church
The Marlboro Church and House
of Enduring New England
The Elm branches of
Grace of Years

It was very unusual for RSW to make composite paintings from parts of other paintings. I can think of only three, the one above, and Village Street and New England Impression (which he copied from a book of New England Scenes.)