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Time Period:
Painted in 1930 - '31.

Hawley, MA

Oil on Canvas


Roads & Streets

25 X 30

Myles Standish Galleries, 1931
Smith Coll. Tryon Gallery, 1931
Mt. Holyoke Coll. Dwight Hall, 1931
Mass Mutual Life Ins. Co., 1932
Valleyhead Sanitarium, 1932
Mass Mutual Life Ins. Co., 1935
H. Grieve Interiors, Los Angeles, 38
Myles Standish Galleries, 1944

F. Raymond Andrews



Recently (January 2014) a chalk drawing, Afternoon Shadows, of the same abandon road appeared for sale and sold on ebay.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted in 1930- 1. Woodland detail of leafy November road. Painted in Hawley on abandoned road that goes down from Uncle Bert's "Brown place" into 'Upper City' on Hawley Road. Sold Nov. 10 to F. Raymond Andrews, Bernardston Rd. Greenfield, Mass."

Additional Notes

Recently (January 2014) a chalk drawing, Afternoon Shadows, of the same abandon road appeared for sale and sold on ebay. Below is a side by side comparison of the two pieces.

Close up of RSW's signature

This painting was sold in December 2012 at auction from the Karges Fine Art Gallery in California. It has returned to Massachusetts.

Right: A closer look at RSW signature from the painting.

Below: After the sale of this painting, RSW wrote the letter below to the orginal purchaser.

RSW letter
November 10, 1945 letter regarding November Paths

November 10, 1945

Dear Mr. Andrews--
This evening came your friendly page, with the enclosure of the check for $450.00, in payment for the 25 x 30, framed oil painting, entitled "November Paths." I thank you. It pleased me to no end, when from the beginning you "spotted" that particular canvas, for it has long been one of the outstanding highlights of my work, both in expression and execution - in my own judgment. As I told you in the studio, it has not always seemed an especial favorite with the visiting public - probably because it rather circumvented in subject matter - rather than an extended, general landscape. But to my mind, and I believe to yours, there is really nothing "bigger," more elemental than intimate, close contact with the woods and that spirit is rife in "November Paths." I can see in mind how it complements your room; someday I hope I can run in to see it visually; your wife graciously asked me to do so.

May the painting continue to always give you pleasure, hope, inspiration and dividends of spirit!

Robert Strong Woodward.