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Time Period:
Painted before 1928

Most likely RSW's
Hiram Woodward Studio

Oil on Canvas


Window Painting


Mrs. W. Scott Fitz- lent the painting
for the 1929 Standish show.



The 'south window' title most likely came from a window at his Hiram Woodward Studio. The Hiram Studio was the first of Woodward's infamous window and studio paintings.

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Additional Notes

J.H. Miller Article April, 1928
Clipping of the article reviewing the
J.H. Miller Galleries Exhibition

Right: Springfield Union, April 1928, by Jeanette Matthews

"....a lovely canvas. It is just a a bit of winter woods with a blue in the pines and shadows that is all but magic."

The article on the lower left, regarding the Littlecote Gallery, Utica, NY March 14, 1929 is mentioned specifically in the article.

The article on the lower right, regarding the 1929 Myles Standish Gallery Exhibition mentions that several paintings of the exhibit being "lent" by their owners. This particular piece is cited as being lent by a Mrs. W. Scott Fitz.

Littlecote article
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Myles Standish May 1929
Clipping for Myles Standish Exhibition 1929

Bonus Information

Studio Window
Studio Window

Given the time period and that Woodward first started painting his infamous Window Paintings at the Hiram Woodward Studio we feel this piece is most likely from that studio which burned in July 1934.

However, it is equally difficult to determine which window he deemed the "south" window. His corner window from that studio faced west and south and was the subject of a couple known paintings (My Winter Shelf and The Window: Still Life and a Winter Scene) but there is one painting of just the south portion of the corner window found in Studio Window seen to the right.

We cannot say for certain Studio Window is of a similar subject matter as The South Window but it could be likely.