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Sunderland, VT
south of Mt. Equinox

Chalk Drawing


Mountains & Pastures

All chalks are the same size.

Southern Vermont AA, 1937



Far and away RSW's best customer, Mrs. Frelinghuysen purchased at least 18 works of art from him. Her mother's friendship with artist Mary Cassatt, a famed pastel artist, Adaline had a fondness for pastels.

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RSW's Diary Comments

Woodward did not include chalk drawings in his Painting Diaries...

Additional Notes

SVAA 1937 Program Heading
SVAA 1937 Program Heading

Despite its title... we believe this was actually painted from Sunderland, VT just southwest of Manchester, VT. Given the angle and persective, RSW is facing north (his favorite sky to paint) and from a terrain map the flattest suface and road from which to park himself is Sunderland.

This recently located (2019) chalk drawing of a cow pasture with Mount Equinox in the distance exhibited at the 1937 Southern Vermont Artist Association's Annual Exhibition. It is the only recorded exhibition and was purchased by Adaline Havemeyer Frelinghuysen.

Mrs. Frelinghuysen is by far RSW's best customer. We now know of 18 paintings she has purchased over his career and there may be more! It seems like every year we discover a couple of new paintings bought by Adaline. Part of the problem identifying them all is that she was partial to pastels and RSW did not keep a record of his chalks.

Taking pictures of chalks are very difficult because they are mounted under glass as you can see by the reflection. We will work on getting a better image and more detail on this piece.