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Friends of RSW

Friends Of Woodward

The Friends of Robert Strong Woodward, Inc. is a newly formed organization whose mission is to preserve, promote, and perpetuate his artistic legacy.

Members have their own reasons for being drawn in: geographically, a few members live or grew up close to the Southwick Studio in upper Buckland, and others from surrounding hill towns. Some members are themselves artists, who admire and appreciate Woodward's artistic sensibilities, and his ability to capture on canvas beautiful landscapes and still lifes. Some have connections through distant family ties to the Woodward family, and others live on properties that are well known as scenes of Woodward paintings.

For all of us, Woodward strikes a chord of familiarity and nostalgia for the landscape that surrounds us here in West County every day. His images foster a deeper appreciation of the region we live in. We cannot help being hooked, inspired not only by his creative talent, but by his moving life story.

What about you? If you're interested in becoming a Friend of Robert Strong Woodward yourself, please send a message to:
and we will send an application form. Membership is $10 for individuals, $16 for a family, and runs from May 1 (Woodward's birthday month) through April 30. This entitles you to discounts on cards and prints at Friends' events, advance notification of these events, our newsletter - and the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to a vital effort.

Our Story
In Sept 2010, the Buckland Historical Society collaborated with a small group of Woodward enthusiasts to hold an exhibition to celebrate Artist Woodward's 125th birthday anniversary. Over sixty paintings were on display in the Buckland Public Hall in upper Buckland for one full day. The oil paintings and chalks were on loan from lenders from around the hill town region and beyond. Subject matter ranged from his iconic studio window still lifes, farmhouses, and barns, to landscapes and mountain vistas.

This grassroots group met again in September 2011, at a home in Buckland, well known as the site of the Woodward painting, New England Drama. Recognizing how his work is being brought to public awareness through the endeavors of Dr. Mark Purinton, who developed this web site, we came together exploring and asking the question, "how can we do more?"

We started to meet monthly to brainstorm objectives, short and longer term goals, and plan projects. First we formalized our mission statement and were incorporated in the Commonwealth as a nonprofit organization as the Friends of Robert Strong Woodward, Inc. We are seeking 501(c)3 status on the federal level.

Our first event was partnering with Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association for an exhibit in Deerfield in the fall 2012. We repeated this again in 2013 - but with no repeats in the paintings! Both times we brought to public view paintings that had not been seen outside their owners' homes since their creation.

We have so many hopes and dreams for future projects, and welcome you to join with us to help bring them to fruition.

Lee Toy-Goodman and Janet Gerry