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"My first recollection of Robert Strong Woodward is of him riding in his Packard automobile with its top down accompanied by his chauffeur and wearing a Coon-Skin Coat - this was in winter. Looking very smart.

I vaguely recall a fire which I believe occurred on a 4th of July in his studio on the Buckland Road. I can recall riding by it the following day and it was a scene of complete devastation.

I do not recall how I first met him but I believe it was through my father when he was talking to him, as we use to see him waiting in his car. Later on, when I would see him in the business area of Shelburne Falls, I would talk with him and he invited me to visit him at his studio. During the last year at Arms Academy, the High School in Shelburne Falls, I had my first car and stopped in at his studio which was now in Buckland Center located in what was a barn. It was very interesting and I recall visiting with him. There were several windows looking out at a beautiful country scene - similar to one of his paintings, probably the idea of that scene was the subject of one of his painting. I visited with him several times and he was most interesting to talk with."