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Rockwell Kent
Rockwell Kent was another artist friend of Robert Strong Woodward although little is known about their relationship. It is known that at least once he came to visit RSW at the Hiram Woodward Studio. The Harry Elmore Hurd article in the June 5, 1931 quoted in the Critique section of this web site makes mention of the fact that Rockwell Kent made a visit to the Hiram Woodward studio.

"Robert Strong Woodward sees the glory of his own countryside. Born in Northampton on May 11, 1885, he, like Henry David Thoreau in his day, finds inspiration enough in his beloved home-country. The world not only beats a path to the door of the man who can "make a better mouse trap," but its choicer souls at least, the spiritual children of John Ruskin, seek out Robert Strong Woodward in his studio at Buckland, about two miles from Shelburne Falls. Rockwell Kent and Chauncey Ryder made their way to the door of this man who "paints with the brush of a poet," as do hundreds of less creative persons who worship Beauty."

Elmore Hurd Critique, Boston Breeze, June 5, 1931

A painting by Rockwell Kent in the RSW estate
A print of a Rockwell Kent painting owned by Robert Strong Woodward


The following E-mail was received in 2012:

I am writing regarding a snowy coastal scene painted by Rockwell Kent on your web site. My wife recently inherited what is by all appearances a print of this painting. It is in a large format (equal in size to the painting?) in a significant frame. It likely was purchased by my wife’s grandfather in the 20 or 30’s. We were wondering if you have any information about the original painting or how the print came into existence?

We enjoy the print a good deal though it surely has only a modest value.

We replied:

Thank you for checking out my website and finding the Rockwell Kent reproduction in the essay about that famous artist and Robert Strong Woodward.

I do not know how this work came into the possession of RSW but I know it was in the Woodward home on a wall at least back into the 1930's. And I know that Rockwell Kent came to visit RSW at his second studio, the Hiram Woodward Studio, where RSW worked in the late twenties into the early thirties. This work probably came into Woodward's possession during the time of that visit.

I have never been certain that this work was indeed a water color. I am not a professional artist and I have never to date consulted one about this painting. I have always thought that it was a print.

The print is 28" high and 35 1/2" wide. The signature or Rockwell Kent is in the left lower corner and would appear to be signed in ink over the painting. Just ahead of the signature is a printed © (copyright sign) R & R. I am wondering if you and your wife own an exact such large print as mine.

I doubt if either your print or mine are really of any appreciable value but I am uncertain of this. Kent's prints are widely distributed today.

If you ever find out any more information on your print I would much appreciate your sharing it with me so that I could add that information to my website.

Thank you for contacting me.

Doc P

The following E-mail was received in March 2013:

Dear Doc P.,

I am writing this e mail regarding the Rockwell Kent print mentioned on your website. I too have a copy of the print of "Winter Monhegan Island". It is of the same dimensions as yours, 28"high and 36" wide. However, it is in poor condition and very dirty as you can see in the photos attached. What I do know of it is that the original, oil on canvas, is owned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. My print also has the copyright sign followed by R&R located below the signature in the lower left of the print. I too am seeking any other information concerning this print. I hope this information has helped in some way and if any other information arises I hope you will share it with me.
Yours Truly,

S. F.

We replied:

Dear S:

Thank you for contacting me about your Rockwell Kent print. It has renewed my interest in this interesting print of the original oil painting. I have no other information to share with you but I shall certainly keep your email in my files should anything new show up. I would like to share your email with my web site viewers if you would not mind, of course without giving out your name or address. I plan now to have my print reframed and will re-hang it on our wall.

Doc P.

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February 2011