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The Buckland Bicentennial Quilt

 The Buckland Bicentennial Quilt.
The Buckland Bicentennial Quilt.

The Quilt Committee began its work in the fall of 1977, using the Bicentennial's first appropriation, $5, for the purpose of cloth and sewing supplies. The Committee was headed by Imogene Litchfield, Judy Turner, Florence Haeberle, and Sally LaBelle, with Pat Hinds as Steering Committee representative.

The quilt was designed with 42 squares, each one made by a different resident, and each one depicting a scene or event from Buckland's history. The women who contributed squares to the quilt were:

 The Seal of Buckland Massachusetts.
The Seal of Buckland Massachusetts.
Nina Anderson
Polly Anderson
Pauline Atherton
Polly Bartlett
Laurie Benoit
Darlene Billiel
Carrie Cass
Susan Chadwick
Alta Clark
Beulah Cross
Helen Delaney
Edith Gerry
Jane Griswold
Roberta Griswold
Dorothy Guganig
Florence Haeberle
Gertrude Hale
Lena Hartwell
Patsy-Jill Hinds
Antoinette Kendrick
Sally LaBelle
Imogene Litchfield
Mary Hershberger
Hannah Neville
Michele Novak
Rose Mollison
Lola Billiel
Jean Pike
Cynthia Plesnar
Christine Purinton
Roxanne Racz
Anna Jean Rice
Susan Rainville
Phyllis Reddy
Ruth Roberts
Dorothy Shippee
Dorothy Smead
Carolyn Taylor
Judy Turner
Jude VandeGeer
Kathy Wall
Elsie Warfield
Lillian Williams.

 Robert Strong Woodward's North Window.
Robert Strong Woodward's painting The North Window.
 Darlene Arabia Billiel.
Darlene Arabia Billiel.
The quilt was unveiled and officially presented to the Town at the Birthday Dinner in 1979. It was then on display at the Town Hall until the recent reconstruction and since then has been stored in the Buckland town office vault. Eventually it is planned to be on permanent exhibit
probably at the Buckland Historical Society Museum.

The square of especial interest to this web site is the one contributed by Darlene Billiel.
 Robert Strong Woodward's North Window.
Robert Strong Woodward's North Window.