Arnold Purinton's Southwick Miniatures

People's United Bank,
Shelburne Falls, MA

Currently on display at the People's United Bank, on Bridge Street in Shelburne Falls, MA is a remarkable reproduction of Woodward's last home and studio he affectionately called the Southwick Place named for the blacksmith who previously owned it prior to RSW. Created by Arnold Purinton, brother to RSW beneficiary Dr. Mark Purinton, who raised his family of two children and ran a general medicine practice.

Arnold has done numerous other models of local and historic gems, most notably, Mary Lyon's Church, the Wilder Homestead and the Griswold House. It took him just a day over two months to complete the wonderful replica capturing the home's distinct New England charm.

The completion of the model just so happened to coincide with the recognition by the National Park Service placing the Southwick Home and Studio on the National Registry of Historic Places given on January 11th of 2018. We cannot wait to see what Arnold does next!

The model on display in the bank lobby
The model on display in the bank lobby. The front of the home faces west.
The front of the Gothic Revival home
The front of the Gothic Revival home complete with vergeboard design.
Dr. Purinton's office for many years
The carriage house which served as Dr. Purinton's medical office for many years.
Engraved plaque
Engraved plaque mounted to the base of the model notes it start and completion dates.
The carriage house is not original to the home, it was added sometime before 1910.
The granite hitching post
The granite hitching post in front of the carriage house in meticulous detail.
the ramp between house and studio
In remarkable attention to detail, included is the ramp between house and studio.
The south side of the home, including the terrace patio and studio balcony facing east. Due to the shear size
of the property, Mr. Purinton excluded the barn, the carriage shed and observatory from the model.
The back side of the studio and carriage house with the rear balcony of the studio
The south side, showing the annex added by RSW to serve as a first floor bedroom.
The patio terrace with tables, bench, and miniature artist in a wheelchair
A full view of the south side of home with annex and main house to the studio
The side yard featuring the bay window and small porch off the kitchen
The small porch off the kitchen complete with a bench for sitting
From the patio terrace, featuring the many windows RSW painted from
The home from the southwest corner showing the ramp to the front door
In true attention to detail, Mr. Purinton even made a replica of the birdhouse on top of annex