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Time Period:
Most likely 1921 - 22

Apple Valley
Ashfield, MA

Oil on Canvas


Trees, Landscapes & Views

23 x 23





There are a number of interesting details about this piece; first it's size (23 x 23) is unlike any other known Woodward; we still do not have a confirmed name, and on the back of the stretcher is a charcoal sketch of what we believe is an early draft of the painting Through the May Hills!

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Additional Notes

RSW's signature lower left
RSW's signature lower left

This painting has come up for auction twice (1997 & 2018) and in both instances no name was given. It could be that it is because it is not written on the back stretcher. In any event, we do have a piece of evidence suggesting its name is Across the Valley but have been unable to confirm that with another source, so we also have an unnamed page for the artwork as well.

The most recent auction afforded us the opportunity to see the back of the stretcher which revealed another drawing on its back. We believe this is a preliminary sketch of Through the Hills in May. We also believe that this painting may have been painted from the same road, from a higher position, and looking in a different direction. If this is the case then its time period is the same as Through the Hills in May. SEE BELOW

Back stretcher with sketch
Back stretcher with sketch

Through the Hills in May was bought in 1922 from J.H. Miller Gallery by George Walter Vincent Smith and today hangs in the museum the carries his name.

The size, 23 x 23" is extremely unusual and it has us wondering if the original painting was cut down to this size. The painting is also heavily impressionistic and in the thick impasti style of RSW's early career.

ADDENDUM: Updated Information

Over twenty years since first learning of this painting we got the great pleasure of seeing it in person for the first time. We had the opportunity to see the back of the stretcher with our own eyes and saw no evidence this painting's original structure was altered in any way. As far as we are concerned, this painting was not cut down, and appears for all intent and purposes to be an authentic 23 x 23 inches square. We cannot thank its current owners enough for extending us the invitation and welcoming us into their home.

A closer look at the tree
A closer look at the tree
A closer look at the hills
A closer look at the hills