This website is a tribute to the life and artwork of Western Massachusetts artist Robert Strong Woodward (1885 -1957).

Dr. Mark L. Purinton

Founder, Benefactor
Content Contributer & Testimony
First-person Accounts

Mark Purinton (Doc. P.), is the founder, owner and administrator of Dr. Purinton grew up in Buckland, worked for RSW and became his close friend. Eventually he inherited the Woodward Southwick studio and maintains it today as a tribute to the Woodward legacy. Click on following link for Mark Purinton's story.

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Barbara Purinton

Archivist, Proof Reader

Barbara is the wife of Dr. Purinton. She has a degree in Library Science from Simmons College and has been an invaluable resource in organization and preservation of documents and general proofreading of the website.

Larch Purinton

Web Administrator, Photographer
Scrapbook Content Editor

Larch is the son of Dr. Purinton. He became webmaster for in 2006 and is also the photographer for most of the high resolution images available online.

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Brian Charles Miller

Creative Director
Content Management &
Artwork Page Editor

Brian joined the team in 2008 and took on the task of a complete redesign of the entire website. The redesign includes the addition of theme galleries, the use of hi-resolution photographs and the space saving "zoom" feature to improve the viewer experience.

For the Scrapbook section, Brian's design allowed for broad flexibility of its editor to present stories with a real feel of a Scrapbook.

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Janet Gerry Nelke

Research Development,
Exhibition Coordinator & Advisor

Janet grew up two houses down the street from Mr. Woodward's Southwick studio. She received her degree from Middlebury College in Vermont and has had a lifelong passion studying Robert Strong Woodward. In addition to her full-time job, she is a researcher, historian and biographer on Mr. Woodward.

Janet Gerry's story. In 2009 she published her first book "Artist Against All Odds, The Story of Robert Strong Woodward."

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Daniel Field

Dan Field developed the original website starting in about 2000. He built hundreds of pages and produced the original website design. While no longer actively involved, his years of effort are still appreciated.

Contact Us

Janet Gerry Nelke, Dr. Mark Purinton, and Barbara Purinton
Janet Gerry Nelke, Dr. Mark Purinton, and Barbara Purinton in December 2009

We are very interested in obtaining better information about any Woodward art work. If you know the location of a Woodward painting or chalk drawing, please contact us. We are especially interested in obtaining better images of paintings and chalks. In many cases, we have no pictures, or only a poor black and white image.

We can accept any common digital graphic format (jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, png, tif, etc.) Please use as high a resolution as possible and take the photograph in good light. Reflections from a flash can often be a problem. Taking the painting outside is ideal, but often not practical. If the artwork is in the New England area, we would be willing to take the picture for you.

Please tell us about the painting's history and current status. This includes:

  • Painting Name
  • Location where painted originally
  • Location of painting today (this can be general)
  • Date, Location and Price at purchase (if available)
  • Personal stories about the painting
  • Attach photo of painting

All information is optional, but any information is greatly appreciated. All information given us will be held completely confidential. Your name or home address will not be mentioned on the site as a current owner. Private owner's names or the location of privately owned artwork will never be published or revealed.
Any information can be E-Mailed to:  moc.drawdoowgnortstrebor@kram

Please include "Robert Strong Woodward" in the subject line.

Taking a picture of a Woodward

Woodwar's signature
RSW's signature clipping in the bottom left of painting

If you have a Woodward (or you are not sure) and you want to take a picture for us to review it. You do not need to be a hot shot photographer. There are some simple tips to follow that will give you the best chance at success. [1] Keep in mind that detail is key for identification, so do not stand too far away, proper blocking and framing is essential.

Woodwar's signature
Name from the back of the stretcher

[2] We do not need to see much beyond the frame and painting itself. Do NOT worry about being square to the artwork, we can correct in editing. However, [3] Lighting is CRITICAL! Detail only comes from good lighting. We suggest natural lighting. We often photograph the artwork outside... not comfortable with taking it off the wall then find a way to get as much light on the artwork as you can.

Woodwar's signature
RSW's signature clipping in the bottom left of painting

[4] Watch for shadows! Many people miss seeing a shadow in their pictures. This means you are blocking light and so it is important you make certain you are standing behind the lighting.
[5] DO NOT use a flash! It will reflect in the Oil Paintings and Chalk Drawing have glass fronts. Flashes product uneven lighting at close proximity, you will surely get glare.