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1926 - Boston Evening Transcript, 8th December The Home of Ronal T. Lyman
39 Beacon Street, the Boston home
of Ronald T. Lyman

The announcement and review of Woodward's One-Man Exhibition at the Lyman Residence. The reporter notes, this maybe RSW's first one-man show, "by the very able painter."

Excerpts from the article:

"The New England scene is again featured by the painter who works in two quite distinct veins. One tends to be romantic, to deal with deep wood interiors, of a poetic depth of shadow relieved by fringe of autumn floiage in brilliant light, or the foreword pushing snow-clad banks along inky pools...

His paintings of old barns, farms among friendly blue hills, the commonest aspects of the New England scene, are the feature of the present display.

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Special Note:

  • Although the writer does not mention it by name, he does write of a barn scene with hay stacked high. It is a reference to Old Rafters, however, we do not have an image of it. May we suggest you view New Hay for what we believe is a similar piece.

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