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Time Period:
Painted in 1936

Upper Street
Buckland, MA

Oil on Canvas


Sugaring, Trees

25 X 30

Williston Academy, 1936
Williston Academy, 1937
Winchester Art Association, 1937
Winchester Art League, 1937
Massechusetts State College, 1938
Jones Library, 1938
Grand Central Art Galleries, 1938
Deerfield Valley AA, 1939

Mr. Morton Hull



"Made of Griswold's sugar house, from my bedroom window." RSW

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RSW's Diary Comments

An old photograph of the four maples and sugar house
An old photograph found in a scrapbook
of the maple trees and Griswold sugar house

Painted in 1938. "Made of Griswold's sugar house, from my bedroom window. Largely exhibited and bought in the autumn of 1939 by Mr. Morton Hull of Holyoke Mass."

Comments on the back of a sepia print:

"Across the road from the mail box."

Additional Notes

Close-up of RSW's signature in the lower right corner

Right- is a close up of RSW's signature found in the lower right of the painting.

This new image of Busy Sugaring comes to us courtesy of the current owners. Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for their generousity.

The Griswold sugar house was right across the street from the Southwick Studio and Woodward painted this from the view of his bedroom window. Below left we have pictures on the view today and to it's right we have an edited picture merging the current view with that of the painting.

The spot as it was in 2014. The highlighted tree is be-
lieved to be the tree from the painting. The tree has
since been cut down but parts of the foundation remain.

Here is the painting superimposed over the 2014 picture.
We lined up the tree and though our perspective is not
perfect, it fits the area well enough.

It was well known Woodward was not comfortable doing portraits, however, he did sprinkle People & Livestock into many of his paintings. Below- we give you a closer look at the man carrying buckets centeral to the piece and to it's right we have the horse pulling a cart with a man along side.

Close-up- the man carrying buckets

Close-up- the horse pulling a cart with a man along side