Featured Artwork: Farmland Ledge

RSW's Diary Comments

Excerpt from Diary Comments regarding the original Silver Barn related to this artwork:

"A painting made in the studio for my G.C.A.G. Exhibition in New York in the spring of 1945. Made from an earlier 25 x 30 which was not perfect technically and which I destroyed after copying it, as above, made in West Hawley of a picturesque old barn set over ledges, the farm of Mr. Stetson..."

Additional Notes

This oil painting was purchased by Mrs. Henry Everett for her famous collection. At her death it was willed to the Pasadena Art Museum which sold it in 1970 to an unknown buyer. This piece then appeared for sale on the Robert Livernois Fine Arts website unnamed in early 2012. It was purchased, then sold again to it's current owner.

Initially, it was believed this painting may have been the original Silver Barn reportedly destroyed by RSW. We now believe Farmland Ledge to be an original in it's own right painted on a different day at a different time. See Below:

Farmland Ledge
The Silver Barn

Aside from the obvious difference in the clouds, seasons (one being fall, the other summer), people and animals RSW has been known to change season in various copies of a painting or vary the clouds here and there.


You can see, the roof to the barn in Farmland Ledge is more worn and openings just starting to show wear in Silver Barn are fully visible in Farmland Ledge.


The red section of the barn's roof is more detailed and worn in Farmland Ledge. This could be attributed to a fresh coating of tar possibly applied to the roof at the time the original Silver Barn was painted. Then consider the small tree in front of the barn.


The tree in Farmland Ledge seems more fuller, with more branches and it would appear the trunk is a bit thicker too.


The final piece, the one that makes all the difference, is the added post to the fence on the right side of the painting. Typically you add post for additional support. Rarely do you ever remove post from a fence. Leading us to believe this painting was done years after the original Silver Barn.