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Time Period:
Summer of 1946

Heath Rd. & Adamsville Rd.
Colrain, MA

Oil on Canvas


Roads & Streets

27 x 30

Jordan Marsh Gallery, 1947
Shelburne Falls Art Center, 1947
Southern Vermont AA, 1947

Mrs. P.H.B. Frelinghuysen



One of several pieces purchased by the Frelinghuysens in Manchester.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted summer of 1946. Painted up at North Heath at the head of the N. Heath-Adamsville Road. Three simple elements, dirt road, tree group, wooded mountains in powerful simplicity - all pinned together by a red-roofed sugar house all under a 'cloud and blue' August sky. I think a fine canvas. The one 'free' summer painting I made in the Packard with Mark, his summer of 1946 when I hoped to paint a dozen. Made in 3 afternoons at the place, while Mark studied or read. Sold Sept 1st, 1947, from Manchester, Vt. Exhibition to Mrs. P.H.B. Frelinghuysen of Morristown, N. J. and given to her young grandson to be taken out to his new home in Arizona."

Additional Notes

As of November 2013, we know that Mr. F. B. Frelinghuysen had purchased 9 other Woodward paintings and 2 chalks, they are as follows:

Heath Road Today
A Google Earth screen capture of the head of Heath Road and
Adamsville Road in Colrain (MA) today. An arrow is pointing to the old
sugar house with the mountain behind it. Google Earth was unavailable
for Heath Road so we could not get the exact location. See Below...



High in New England Close Up
From a slightly different angle, looking up Heath Road from Adamsville Road one can see that
the road appears to still be unpaved looking much as it did 70 years ago! This is one of the things we
believe RSW loved most about his beloved New England Hills and that is... time seems to slow to a crawl.