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Time Period:
Painted 1949

Studio North Window
Buckland, MA

Oil on Canvas


Window Picture

24 X 36

So. Vermont Artist Assoc., 1949
    > Award: Third Place, pop. vote

Mrs. Shirley W. Morgan



Received the 3rd place award in "the popular choice of paintings," at the S.V.A. Twentieth Anniversary exhibit.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted in early spring of 1949. Section of studio north window with its window shelf. On the shelf, large ivy plant, the yellow Chinese duck, large green bottle with small deep brown yellow bottle half back of it. To the left, three yellow green apples on a flat white envelope. To the right, against the one orange red curtain little gray handleless cup, peach colored glass candlestick, black leaning bottle and tin and glass old candle lantern with round handle all  in   one group. Outside my  barn with barnyard arches, barnyard

Feb. 06, 1971, New York Times Obituary
Feb. 06, 1971, New York Times
obituary for Sherley W. Morgan

fence. On the knoll, Gould's barn, back of barn, apple trees, the purple-blue mountains running off to the right. Ground laid bare with spring tans and forms"half white with lingering finger drifts. Very lovely March landscape and light. No reds in pasture but brown-red of curtain. Sold in September '49 from Manchester show (So. Vt. Artists) to Mrs. Shirley W. Morgan, the head of the Squibbs Dental and Medical Co."


Woodward spelled Mr. Morgan's first name wrong. The buyer's name is Sherley Warner Morgan, of Princeton, NJ. A noted architect and professor at Princeton University, he is best know for designing both the laboratories of E. R. Squibb & Sons in Brooklyn, NY, and New Brunswick, NJ. Mrs. Morgan's name is Ethel Josephine Palmer and you can find a little more information on her and her daughter and the Manchester, VT, home by CLICKING HERE to an article published in Manchester Life Magazine.

Additional Notes

The announcement card from the Southern Vermont Artist Inc.
Third place award for the popular
vote among attendees
The Chinese Yellow Duck
The Chinese Yellow Duck

Above: Woodward received the award of third most popular painting at the Twentieth Annual Exhibition of the Southern Vermont Artist Association Exhibition(1949).

To the left: The yellow duck still remains in the artist's studio, along with many of the other colored bottles and various knick-knacks.