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Time Period:
Painted in the 1920's.


Oil on Canvas



25 X 30, Upright


Miss Lucia Russell



"A 25 x 30 upright made in my early career from a large 40 x 50 called Evening Silence."RSW

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RSW's Diary Comments

Silent Evening Sepia

"Painted in the 1920's. A 25 x 30 upright made in my early career from a large 40 x 50 called Evening Silence (which see). Bought first by Mrs. George D. Dresser of Putnam, Ct., owned by her for a number of years, then about 1932 she gave it back to me. I again exhibited it for a few years then it was bought by Miss Lucia Russell, 27 George St., Greenfield, Massachusetts."


Early in Woodward's career, he frequently painted the woods surrounding his first studio, Redgate. He often did so from the stoop of his doorway using the light of the setting sun, therising moon or a lantern he hung above his easel to see. They are hauntingly atmospheric and highly impressionistic in their composition. These paintings were reminiscent of one of the most popular artist of the 19th century, Ralph Albert Blakelock and brought RSW a great deal of his early recognition and success. However, by 1925 and the rise of the American Art Scene movement their popularity waned and RSW began to focus more on what was his core inclinations to paint what he saw in its most common and natural state.

Additional Notes

"This oil is now privately owned by a family in Maine who has written to us the following:

RSW's signature from the bottom left of Silent Evening.

"I spent a great deal of time with my Aunt Lucia Russell. Some of it was in her study. The painting intrigued this young girl who saw something of the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow in it. All of Aunt Lu's (and her sister Rowena Potter's) art went to opening a museum in Deerfield, now known as the Charles P. Russell Gallery at the Academy. My father fought for this oil so that I could have it... "

[Lucia Russell's niece]