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Sketchbook Drawing: Endless New England

Sketchbook Endless New England
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Additional Notes

We are unable to link this sketch with any known paintings. We are not even sure this is real, let me explain... This sketch was found among a pile of drafts and plans for places such as, the Southwick Place, after his Hiram Woodward place fire, as well as, the Heath Pasture Studio. There were other sketches in the group that were simply regular sketches. There were also two plan sketches we cannot link. One we thought might be for the The Little Shop but the windows do not line up. Anyway, what makes us question this sketch are the two numbers written on the page (15, 19, and 3 1/2). Another reason we think this may be a plan of sorts is the "covered bridge" running from one building to another and the stone bridge over the spring. This would obviously provide RSW's chair easy access and mobility.

Still, we can't be sure so if anyone happens to recognize these buildings please contact Brian