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Time Period:
Painted in 1933

Road between Northfield and
Northfield Farms

Oil on Canvas


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30 X 36


Mrs. Mira Wilson



made... specifically for over the mantel space of Mira Wilsonís home (principal of Northfield Seminary).

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted in 1933. Painting made on the road between Northfield and Northfield Farms, specifically for over the mantel space of Mira Wilson's home (principal of Northfield Seminary). Row of giant maples with band of blue hills in back and fingered, lingering snow drifts in the foreground field. Owned by Mrs. Mira Wilson, Northfield, Mass.."

Additional Notes

Spring Drifts Sepia
Spring Drifts Sepia

In June of 1932, RSW visited Mira Wilson in Northfield.† She gave him a tour of the Chateau and also of her home on the Northfield Seminary campus.† It was during this visit that she expressed an interest in the above oil painting of a local Northfield scene which she commissioned.

The Chateau was demolished in 1963.

This piece was also known as December Thaw until recently after the artwork was located. The confusion stemmed from both titles being written on the back of the sepia print in RSW's hand and a brief mention in a newspaper article as December Thaw. However, the back of the painting is clearly marked Spring Drifts.

Close up of RSW's signature
Close up of RSW's signature from the painting

We here at robertstrongwoodward.com wish to express our deepest appreciation to the current owner for not only providing the pictures but for clearing this matter up.