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Time Period:
Painted prior to 1928.

The south window of the
Hiram Woodward studio

Oil on Canvas


Window Picture

30 X 36, Upright

Boston, which is unknown

Mrs. W. Scott Fitz



The piece, in old newspaper clippings was also titled The South Window.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"“Painted prior to 1928. A window picture made in the old studio that burnt in 1933, having the couch arm and the Chinese lantern in it. Published in color on the cover of ‘Country Life in America’, February 1928. Bought from one of my Boston exhibitions by Mrs. W. Scott Fitz, but upon her death this canvas passed into the possession of her son Edward Jackson Holmes, of 296 Beacon St., Boston, grandson of Oliver Wendell Holmes."”

Additional Notes

A Chinese lantern hanging in the Southwick studio.

In old newspaper clippings, this painting was also titled The South Window.

"RSW was very fond of Chinese lanterns. There are a dozen or more in one of the Southwick Studio drawers. I was unable to find one among these which was identical to the one in this painting, Studio Window, but the image below is of one of those still remaining in the studio. He seldom actually used these during my days of working for him (I think he used them more frequently at the Hiram Woodward studio where the above painting was made). However, on occasion, such as a Studio Supper, he would have us "un-squeeze" one or two from their resting positions, put a few small stones in the bottom to hold them down and put in a small candle which would be lighted during the supper hour. None ever caught fire, but we always worried about them."


The Italian platter from the painting

To the left: The large black Italian platter was rescued from the Hiram Woodward studio fire (1934) and today has a special cove in the wall to hold it in the Southwick Studio.