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Time Period:
Painted in1938

Of Putts Hill from Orcutt Hill
Buckland Center, MA

Oil on Canvas


Landscapes & Views

27 x 30

San Francisco Bay Exposition, 1939

Dr. and Mrs. B. T. Guild



"One of my most successful canvases." RSW

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RSW's Diary Comments

Winter Song, Sepia
Winter Song, Sepia

"Painted in1938. Painted in the late winter (or very early spring) from Orcutt Hill in Buckland. One of my most successful canvases. Foreground in 'open winter' effect with yellow grassland, and drifts and scrub apple at the edge of which is a band of forest and dark hemlocks, beyond which Putts Hill rises dramatically in grays and violets and light blues under a sky of white hazy clouds. Beautifully painted and designed. Exhibited about the country and at Golden Gate Exposition in San Francisco in 1939. Bought in summer of 1946 by Dr. and Mrs. B. T. Guild, Barkers Point Road, Sands Point, Long Island, N. Y. (At the same time they purchased The Chinese Lily which see.)"

Comments on the back of a sepia print:

Bought by Dr. and Mrs. Guild in the summer. Putts from Orcutt Hill, of course. One of my loveliest paintings. This canvas was out at the San Francisco World's Fair exhibition of American Art a few years ago. Mountain dull blue, yellow rose and violet in foreground between snow drifts

Additional Notes

Painted of Putts Hill from Orcutt Hill in Buckland Center, Mass.

Winter Song hanging in owners' home
Winter Song hanging in the owners' home in Long Island (NY) above the fireplace