Robert Strong Woodward Calendars
(in decending order)


The New England Barn

WOODWARD was a preservationist. In his lifetime, he restored and gave new life to several structures. This year's 2022 calendar, in the theme of the New England barn, is in support of the Buckland Historical Society's effort to raise money for the preservation of The Wilder Homestead's 1779 English barn. The one-of-a-kind barn is in need of some structural assistance to assure its lasting future. Below are the buildings RSW restored:

Redgate - an unused dairy shed he fashioned into his first studio.

Burnham Cottage - a neglected shack into a comfy, picturesque home.

The Hiram Woodward Place - an abandoned, neglect farm into a classic
    showpiece travelers went out of their way to drive by.

The Old Boehmer Mill - an empty mill he restored into a quaint retreat.

The Southwick Place - the former home and business of a local blacksmith
    into a quintessential New England homestead now on the historic registry.

The Heath Pasture Studio - built from scratch primarily using recliamed
    wood from a barn set to be demolished.