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Gunshot Accident Articles
Los Angeles Times, 1906

Los Angeles Times, September 4, 1906
Los Angeles Times, September 4, 1906

Robert Woodward Accidentally Shoots
Himself, Physicians Fear Spinal
Cord Is Severed.

Robert Woodward, the 20-year-old son of O. L. Woodward, vice-president of the Briggs Real Estate Company, accidentally shot himself yesterday morning at 8:30 in his father's apartments in the Castle Craig Hotel, Second and Olive streets. Woodward had just returned with two of his friends from a camping trip up Mt. Wilson, and while his friends were eating breakfast "he went into the adjoining room to clean and put away the firearms that had been carried. While he was engaged in doing this he accidentally discharged a 32-caliber revolver, the bullet passing through the left breast, just missing the heart, and lodging in the neighborhood of the spinal cord.

Dr. George Walrath was summoned and took charge of the patient until he could be taken to the Good Samaritan Hospital, where the boy is making a brave battle for life. Up to last evening the doctors were unable to locate the bullet and are placing their hope in his robust constitution. Reports from the hospital late last night stated that after an X-ray examination it was found that the bullet had taken a downward course, after entering the body, and had lodged near the eleventh dorsal vertebra.

Dr. Walrath. who has charge of the patient, stated that he fears the bullet severed the spinal cord, in which case young Woodward would be crippled for life in case he did recover from the injury.

Los Angeles Times, November 3, 1906
Los Angeles Times, November 3, 1906


Robert Woodward, With His Spinal
Cord Nicked by Bullet, Now
Strong and Alert.

With a nick made by a bullet in his spinal cord, Robert Woodward is rapidly recovering. The wound inflicted accidentally in the Castle Craig Hotel, two month ago, at first looked to be fatal. While his father mourned the young man was taken on the morning of September 3, to the Good Samaritan Hospital. The surgeons found that the bullet had touched the spinal cord itself.

Under treatment the cord gradually began to act as a nerve center below the wound. Slowly it grew stronger, and now Woodward, while paralyzed in his limbs, is comparatively strong and alert. There is hope that he will regain the use of his legs. His recovery is considered remarkable.

Yesterday Woodward was taken to the home of his father, O. L. Woodward. No. 1231 West Thirty-First Street.