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Time Period:
Painted circa 1920

Buckland-Shelburne Falls Road

Oil on Canvas


Sugaring, Keach Farm

25 X 30


J. H. Miller Co.



"One of my very early canvases."RSW

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted circa 1920. One of my very early canvases. Among a lot bought by J. H. Miller Co. of Springfield, it was bought from them around 1935-36 and now owned by F. Earl Williams, at present (1944) principal of the High School at Gardner (19 Cherry Street). A sugar maple in woodland on a rocky knoll painted at 'Uncle' Will Wells's sugar house on the Buckland - S.F. road. A later canvas of Harrison Keach's sugar house I see was given the same title (owned by the E. H. Naylor children) so I have added the #1 and #2 to the titles."

Additional Notes

Weldon Hotel postcard
Copy of a Weldon Hotel postcard.

Notes regarding Early Sugaring #2

"The Naylor children family own a 27 x 30 sugaring picture (same subject as the one owned by the Weldon Hotel, Greenfield), bought by their father before he died. It can be located through Miss Mary F. Grant, at 20 Ridgewood Place, Springfield, Mass; who lives with the children's grandmother, Mrs. Caldwell, or through their mother, now Mrs. Stimson, of 1120 Beacon St., Brookline, Mass."

Early Sugaring #2 hanging in the Weldon Hotel
Early Sugaring #2 on display over the fireplace
in the Weldon Hotel in Greenfield, Mass.