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Time Period:
Prior to 1938

Griswold's Sugar House
Buckland, Mass.

Original: Charcoal on Paper
Imagine: Ink on Paper


Sugaring, Trees, Sketches






The charcoal sketch we now call, The Griswold Sugarhouse, that was used for the design of the Ameri-can Studies Group catalog on Woodward is missing. The cover of the 1970 exhibit catalog is all we have of this artwork.

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Additional Notes

The sketch used for the design of the American Studies Group catalog on Woodward handed out at their May 1970 exhibition held on campus in the school's Hilson Gallery is missing. We can't seem to find it and it may possibly be lost forever.

The closest thing we have to the sketch is the oil painting Four Maple Trees in March. However, this sketch is pointing more to the right of Four Maple Trees in March, focusing more intently on the sugar house itself. Not to mention the sketch has FIVE maple trees and a man gathering sap.

The Griswold House is a historical landmark across the road from Woodward's historic Southwick Home and Studio. It is best known as the place education pioneer, Mary Lyon, began her school for girls in the home's fourth floor ballroom. The school would evolve into what would later become Mount Holyoke College. Mary would die two years before the college would open.

An old photograph of the four maples and sugar house
An old photograph found in a scrapbook
of the four maples and Griswold sugar house

All that remains of this scene (also pictured in the image to the left) is the stone foundation to the sugarhouse. The maples all along Upper Street in Buckland aged and became dangerous. The town was forced to cut most of them down.

One maple did survive as late as 2014. It was the fourth tree from the left in the sketch. FOR MORE PICTURES SEE THE:

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