Featured Artwork: New England: Winter

New England Winter
Photograph taken from an article in the Springfield Sunday Union and Republican

RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted prior to 1928. A painting of Victor Peltier's house and elm with Purinton Hill in background, the second canvas I made of the same subject. The first one called Under the Hill, 25 x 30, was bought by Eugenia B. Frothingham from my Lyman exhibition. This second one of the same subject and slightly different composition was bought by the oil magnate, Mr. George D. Pratt of Glen Cove, Long Island, N.Y. from my exhibition at Deerfield Academy in 1932. Since his death it is now owned by Mrs. Pratt?"

Additional Notes

North Adams Transcript
North Adams Transcript, June 7, 1932

North Adams Transcript, June 6, 1932

This painting is mentioned in the North Adams Transcript article to the right but no decription is given.

THis exhibit was set to run from June 6, 1932, to the 20th. However, it was so popular and also greatly admired by Deerfield's headmaster, Frank L. Boyden, the namesake of its library, that it was extended through graduation to reunion weekend and up to July 3rd at Boyden's request. Woodward compiled with the acception of two paintings which were already under contract and committed to other exhibits.

George D. Pratt was not only an oil magnate but founder of the Pratt Institute, a founding board member of the Boy Scouts of America and a prolific collector of art. He (and his estate) have made numerous contributions and gifts to many museums.

Fortunately for us, with the North Adams Transcript making this piece one of the only paitings not given a brief description that we have the image above from a newspaper clippping, as well as Woodward's own description. Below is the painting referenced in the diary comments, Under the Hill.