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Time Period:

Buckland, MA

Oil on Canvas


Mountains, Farms

25 X 30

Miss Eugenia B. Frothingham



One of 26 pieces to be exhibited at the Lyman home in 1926, which many consider RSW's coming out party to the Boston art community at large.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted circa 1925. Winter view of the present Peltier house (next to the 'Lightning Splitter') where the S.F.- -Buckland Road crosses the Clessons River (about halfway between S.F. and Buckland). Little dark red farm house under a tall slender elm, backed by the rounded mountain dome and shoulder of the hill back of Leon Goodnow's. This canvas was bought from one of my early Boston exhibitions by Miss Eugenia B. Frothingham of Marlboro St. Boston. ( I painted the very same subject a number of years later, a canvas entitled ----(left blank in the RSW diary)--This canvas was bought from my exhibition at Deerfield Academy in ..... (blank) by the wealthy art collector Mr. Geo. D. Pratt, official of the Standard Oil Co, for his beautiful world famous estate at Glen Cove, Long Island, and must not be confused with the above.) Since Mr. Pratt's death his estate has been sold by his widow to the Russian government for its N.A. delegates. Whether my canvas still hangs there or not I do not know.")

Additional Notes

Boston Globe Article
Boston Globe, Dec. 23, 1926

To the Right: Boston Globe, 1926 by A. J. Philpott

" ....is as fine a bit of New England snow scenery as has ever been painted."

This painting sold at Barridoff Galleries on 7/31/02 for $4,250. It had previously been owned by the Peltier family. It then found itself up for sale a the Crane Gallery with an asking price of $12,000.

More recently, This painting sold at auction by Skinner Inc. of Boston for the hammer price of $4,142 on January 29, 2010.

RSW made two nearly identical paintings of this scene. The first, called Under the Hill (above) was painted in 1925. The second named New England Winter was painted a couple of years later. The composition is slightly different.

A closer look at the child (most likely a girl) pulling a sled.
The title plate from Under the Hill's frame.

This painting has recently been located and appeared at the RSW exhibit held at the Deerfield Museum (Sept. 2012) and had a title plate on the frame that read, "Red Farm in Winter." We do not know the back story to this title plate or its orgin but we are certain it was added after RSW's death.