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Time Period:
Painted in 1919


Oil on Canvas



40 x 50

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Part of the Mrs. Henry Everett estate donated to the Pasadena Art Museum.

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RSW's Diary Comments

Painted in 1919

Comments on back of a Sepia Print:

"The rest of the paintings you saw were 25x30 and 27x30, the smallest size I paint. One called "October" represents a steep hillside clearing ablaze with autumn foliage on some few remaining trees, held together by the brooding blue haze of our October atmosphere. Smoke arises to the left from a faint fire of burning brush and piles of cord wood lie in the middle foreground. This picture is one of Mrs. Cutter's favorites."

Image of RSW's comment on back of Sepia Print

Additional Notes

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Boston Globe Article

Right: Springfield Union, 1926

"October was was exhibited has been sold to a museum."

October is one of 25 pieces of work to exhibit at Woodward's One-Man show at the Lyman Residence Exhibition,.

The painting hanging on the wall of it's home.

Boston Globe, May, 1929 by A. J. Philpott

"......October is a powerfull bit of painting---rich in color contrast and typically New England in an almost undefinable way...." "How effectively he has placed that red tree in the picture entitled October."

A close up taken of the
name from the stretcher.

This painting was purchased by Mrs. Henry Everett for her noted collection. At her death, it was willed to the Pasadena Art Museum, which sold it in 1963 to an unknown buyer. Thiis painting was made in 1919 and we are calling it #1

In the process of assembling all of the Woodward oil paintings for this website it was found that there were probably 3 which he titled "October". October (1944) is a 25 x 30.

The current owner graciously sent us an image (to the left) of October as it hangs in their home.