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Time Period:
Drawn in April, 1930

Union Street
Boston, MA

Chalk Drawing



22 x 29


Mrs. Howard Robbins



Drawn on the spot, this chalk resulted in two oil paintings being made, a 27 x 30, originally titled The Oyster House and a 36 x 42 oil named In Old Boston.

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The Oyster House
The image above is the sepia print for the painting originally titled, "The Oyster House" and later
renamed Boston Romance and now known as Boston Romance; The Oyster House:

RSW's Diary Comments

RSW did not comment on chalk drawing in his painting diary other then in reference to oil paintings made from them. In this instance, this chalk is mentioned in two diary entries (see below).

Comments for Boston Romance; The Oyster House:

"Painted in winter of 1931. Portrait of Boston's Old Oyster House on Union St. just off from Hanover Square. Made a chalk drawing from the street of this subject (bought by dear Mrs. Howard Robbins) and from this made two paintings, this 27 x 30 and a larger 36 x 42.

Excerpt from In Old Boston:

"...made from the smaller 27 x 30 canvas which in its turn was made from the chalk drawing made on the spot in 1931..."

Comments on the back of a sepia print:

"This photograph is of a smaller painting (now sold) exactly like the larger one I now own (36 x 42) except that the present one I have for sale, has the baker leaning out of an upper window and one or two different figures on the street. All the rest is the same. Exquisite in color of old ochre and red brick and rich with old Boston atmosphere. The 36 x 42 is titled In Old Boston."

Additional Notes

Technically, RSW never says the name of this chalk drawing, only that it was made and sold. For years we listed it as "In Old Boston, Chalk" but that was never really accurate. In Old Boston, the 36 x 42 oil, has a very different composition than that of this drawing and Boston Romance; The Oyster House. Since the original 27 x 30, "Oyster House" oil painting was renamed "Boston Romance" we feel safe in calling this drawing by the original painting's name until we learn otherwise.

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