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Painted from the chalk drawing The Proud Rooster was once owned by Mrs. Henry Everett.

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RSW's Diary Comments

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Passing a Barn at Noon, Sepia

"Painted from an earlier chalk drawing in the studio in 1940. Made from one of my first chalk drawings or crayons of a barn over on a back road between West Chesterfield and Worthington, beyond Connie Jarvis' farm. The drawing was bought by Mrs. Henry Everett of Pasadena, prior to 1930. At her death I had it bought for me at the auction of her possessions which were not mentioned in her will. When it came back to me I was so pleased with composition and theme that I painted from it the above canvas."

Comments on the back of a sepia print:

"Barn pale sunlit gray. Faded pink-red door. Sky brilliant blue with white cloud. Foreground neutral greens with stretch of blue distant hills and pink plowed field. Suggestive of a Robert Frost poem! (Incidentally, Robert Frost owns one of my paintings)."

Additional Notes

A close up of the equipment
A close up of the equipment
A close up of the Rooster.

A close up of RSW's signature

At the end of 2010 I was fortunate to receive from a descendent of Emmett Naylor a snap shot of a painting he owned for many years and which hung on his living room wall. He remembered that the painting sold at a Chicago auction many years ago.

Sold at auction on E-bay for $5,000 plus buyers commission of 15% and mailing on 9/10/07

Original chalk from which this was made: The Proud Rooster

Christian Science Monitor Apr. 27, 1942
Christian Science Monitor Apr. 27, 1942

The Proud Rooster was once owned by Mrs. Henry Everett and bought back by Woodward after her death from an auction of her possessions.

To the left; is a critique from the Christian Science Monitor (April 27, 1942) regarding this artwork.