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Emmett Naylor (1885 - 1938)

 Emmett Hay Naylor
Emmett Hay Naylor

Emmett Naylor was a lawyer, trade association executive, and another good friend of Robert Strong Woodward. He lived in a place called "Greenbriar" in Cummington, Massachusetts.

 Who's Who in America 1938-1939 entry on Emmett Naylor 
NAYLOR, Emmett Hay, trade assn. exec.;
b. St. Paul, M1nn., Sept. 13. 1885; s. William Alex-
ander and Genevieve Charlotte (Hay) N.: grad.
high sch., Evanston. Ill; A.B.. Dartmouth, 1909;
LL.B., N.Y. Law Sch. 1911; M.A., Harvard. 1912;
m. Ruth H. Caldwell (Vassar. 1911). of Spring?eld.
Mass., Jan. 17, 1914; children - Genevieve Hay,
Winford C., Cynthia Morgan. Sec. Springfield 
Chamber Commerce. 1912-14; hon. sec.-treas. Nat.
Assn. Commercial Organization Secretaries, 1913;
exec. sec. Writing and Cover Paper Mfrs. Assns.
since 1914; pres. Am Trade Assn. Executives, 1920,
dir. 1937; pres. Trade Assn Executive in N.Y. City,
1921, dir., 1937; ex-pres. Child Edn. Foundation.
Vice pres. Psi Upsilon (exec. council). Maj. Ordnance
Officers' Res. Corps. Republican. Presbyterian.
Club: Union League. Author: The Value of Trade
Associations, 1918; Trade Associations--Their
Organization and Management, 1921; History of
Trade Associations in America, 1923.  Home: 'Green-
briar,' Cummington, Mass.
Entry about Emmett Naylor in Who's Who in America 1938-1939

Mr. Naylor chose the RSW painting of the Mary Lyon Church to hang over his fireplace at his home in Cummington. When RSW went over to see it in place he felt, as did Mr. Naylor, that it did not "fit the place." Mr. Woodward took it back and made one of a different proportion.

Diary Comments:

"Painted in about 1938. Painting of the Buckland church made from the road in front of Trow's. Chosen by Emmett Naylor and hung over his fireplace in Cummington, but as I felt it too small for the place, I made a 22 x 42 of the same subject, the next season, which Emmett installed just before his death; then this 25 x 30 was bought by Mr. P. H. B. Frelinghuysen of Manchester, Vt. and Morristown, N. J."

Notes: RSW then painted the oil below named Heart of New England as a 22 x 42 in order to better fit over the fireplace of Emmett Naylor. This painting now hangs in a home in northern New England, owned by a retired pastor.

Diary Comments:

"Painted in 1938. A larger painting of the Mary Lyon Church in Buckland, made for the home of my dearest friend Emmett Hay Naylor in Cummington to take the place of the 25 x 30 of the same subject (later bought by Mr. F. B. Frelinghuysen) which Emmett had chosen but which was not the right proportion for the space. He had had it but a few weeks when he died. My first view of it was at his funeral. After his death it was given back to me by the family. I sent it to the Grand Central Art Galleries, who sold it to Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Howard, Arlington, New Jersey."

Emmett Naylor purchased a chalk drawing named Hills of Cummington, March 4, 1932.

He also purchased an early painting named Early Sugaring #2 from RSW, which he subsequently bequeathed to his son, Winfred Caldwell Naylor. The current whereabouts of this painting is unknown. It was painted of the Harrison Keach sugar house.

 Passing a Barn at Noon displayed in the Naylor living room
Passing a Barn at Noon displayed in the Naylor living room
 1937 Emmett Naylor Christmas Card
1937 Emmett Naylor Christmas Card
In 1937 Emmett Naylor sent ouf this Christmas Card to his friends chosing a Woodward window painting for the first page.

 Emmett Naylor House in Cummington
Emmett Naylor House in Cummington
  Death Certificate of Emmettt Hay Naylor
Death Certificate of Emmettt Hay Naylor

Mr. Naylor died while swimming in his pool at Greenbriar, Cummington, Massachusetts, in July, 1938.