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Sketchbook Sketch: The Book Corner

Sketchbook The Book Corner
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Additional Notes

This sketch is of the "book corner" located in old mill building he purchased in 1931 and later restored. He affectionately called the buidling the "Little Shop." RSW never used the Little Shop as a studio but it is believed he may have intended to use it as a artist showroom to sell his paintings. The 1934 Hiram Woodward home & studio fire may he spoiled those plans. He kept the old mill nonetheless. It was used at times to house guest visiting the area, such as, Helen Patch's son on his honeymoon. Later, Alastar Maitland, in his essay on Woodward from "THE BOOK OF HEATH BICENTENNIAL ESSAYS" said RSW referred to the place as "Woodward's Folly." In English tradition, a "folly" is a building with no specific use or purpose.