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Time Period:
Painted Feb. 1940.

Buckland, MA

Oil on Canvas


Window Picture

25 x 30, Upright


Mrs. William H. Moore and
given to Miss Eleanor Spencer



Mrs. William (Ada) Moore was a tremendous supporter and friend of RSW.

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RSW's Diary Comments

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Snow from the North Sepia

"Painted Feb. 1940. Painted from my studio north window. Snowstorm outside, white glass banjo bottle and silhouetted china colt on windowsill. One of the finest things I ever painted. Not exhibited much because kept a 'trump card' for N. Y. or Boston exhibitions. Bought from my Grand Central Art Galleries Exhibition at Hotel Gotham Branch, March, 1942, by Mrs. William H. Moore and given to Miss Eleanor Spencer, noted pianist (deaf) of Hotel San Jacinto, 18 East 60th St., New York City."

The nameplate from the frame
RSW's signature from the lower left of painting

Additional Notes

The "china colt" figurine from the painting

For more reading about Miss Eleanor Spencer please Click Here

Thanks to the article in "Fine Art Connoisseur" (Feb. 2013) this painting was found hanging in the Duquesne Club of Pittburgh, PA. In a book published by the club of its art, this painting was listed as being presented by Logan T. Johnston in memory of Arthur W. McKinney. How Mr. Johnston came in possession of the painting is unknown to us at this time.

Please Note: The nameplate on the frame is titled "The Window." This is not all that uncommon, however, the website not only had RSW's dairy comments in which he describes the piece but it's original sepia print matching the artwork. We are confident this piece's true name to be Snow From the North."

The staff of this website wishes to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Duquesne Club and its art director Heather Semple for providing us the images of the painting use on this page.