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Time Period:
Painted in 1948.

Buckland Studio
Buckland, MA

Oil on Canvas


Window Picture

24 X 36

Jordan Marsh Exhibition in Boston
Ogunquit Art Center, Ogunquit, ME

Mrs. Sidney Trattner



"Sent in May, 1948, to Jordan Marsh Exhibition in Boston where it received a miserable ‘Honorable Mention" (but no prize as I wanted).."RSW

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted in 1948. Section of my north window shelf (in slanting composition) with falling snow and winter barns outside, part of my garage, barn with bird-feeder and blue window, my faded yellow barn with gray barnyard ell and pointed picket fence and bar way, and Mr. Gould's barn above the big old Hubbardston tree, all in deep snow, and, as I say, with more snow falling. On the long shelf, to the right a tin pan of red apples (one or two on the shelf), the large English ivy plant at the edge of which (right center) the intense hunter's green bottle (same as in Feb. Window ) beside which rests a small square topped, round-bottomed cranberry glass, with to the right of that, my precious ruby glass mug (Dresser gift). To the right, running out of and stopping the composition, against the dull red window curtain are the old white glass ‘banjo" bottle and a suggestion of the tin lanthorn. Sent in May, 1948, to Jordan Marsh Exhibition in Boston where it received a miserable ‘Honorable Mention" (but no prize as I wanted) and direct from there (though Mr. Brine) to Ogunquit Art Center, (Ogunquit, Maine) for the summer show (28th Annual National Exhibition of Paintings, 1948) not ending till Sept 6th. Sold from the above exhibition to Mrs. Sidney Trattner, 1210 Confederate Avenue. Richmond, Virginia."

Additional Notes

This painting is privately owned.

We would also like to extend our thanks and appreciation to the current owner for contacting us and providing the wonderful image shown above.

To the left is a clipping from the Greenfield Recorder-Gazette noting the recognition this artwork received.

And below is a current picture of ruby glass mug featured in the painting which still remains with the estate of the artist.

"my precious ruby glass mug (Dresser gift)." RSW