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Time Period:

Howard Carson's living room
/ fireplace

Chalk Drawing


Interior/ Still Life

All Chalks are approx. 22 x 29

No, a commission

Commissioned by:
Howard Carson



This drawing did not exhibited, along with what we believe is at least 10 chalk drawings, at the Greenfield residence of Anna Koch. However, the drawing "The Friendly Fireplace", chalk of Ms. Koch's living room fireplace was the inspiration for The Tufts Living Room. as well as this drawing, which was commissioned by Mr. Howard Carson.

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Additional Notes


Woodward never kept a record of his chalk drawings. We have no idea how many were made or how many survive to this day. However, on this particular occasion we get a rare glimpse into Woodward's relationship to his chalk drawings, not to mention the names of buyers which is extremely rare.

December 10, 1928 North Adams Transcript
December 10, 1928 North Adams Transcript

The clipping above was made for the The Tufts
Living Room
page because RSW was friends
with artist Dorothy Tufts. Her husband's name is
highlighted. Just underneath his name is Harold
Carson who also commissioned a drawing.

Exhibited, along with what we believe is at least 10 chalk drawings, at the Greenfield residence of Anna Koch. It was one of seven chalks sold.

Woodward attended this exhibit and answered questions about his work and art in general. He even agreed to draw two more fireplaces of attendees who had admired this particular drawing of Ms. Koch's fireplace. We find it surprising for an artistt of Woodward's stature to be commissioned to draw people's fireplaces, especially for the price he charged for his chalk drawings. It is not that such a thing is beneath him. It is more about 1928 being the biggest year of his career thus far and it will steadily rise over the next 8 years. At the same time, it is a clear demonstration of RSW's modesty and his desire for quality art to be accessable to all.

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As part of the original inspiration, we
imagine this drawing to be similar to that of
The Tufts Living Room. above.

It was always assumed RSW drew The Tufts Living Room. (left) chalk because of RSW's relationship with the Tufts, particularly Mrs. Dorothy Day Tufts. However, the fact RSW made a scene of Ms. Koch's fireplace, which exhibited at the exhibition she held in her home in 1928 for Woodward had actually inspired it. Along with the Tufts commission, Harold Carson also commissioned one for his own living room / fireplace changes the context completely. How many of these drawings are there?

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