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North Adams Transcript, Nov. 11, 1928 North Adams Transcript, Nov. 11, 1928

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November 26, 1928 North Adams Transcript

An announcement of an exhibit featuring RSW to be held at the Greenfield home of Anna Koch. The article also notes RSW will be present to answer questions!


December 10, 1928 North Adams Transcript

After the event this article claims RSW sold 7 chalks, 5 are mentioned by name along with the buyers. Of particular interest is Woodward's drawing of Ms. Koch's fireplace prompted two more orders from attendees of their fireplaces.

Artwork Mentioned

Saddleback Barn,
Greylock Over Adams,
At the Top of the Pasture,
The Friendly Fireplace,
Old Bricks, Old Glass, Old Shutters,
Sage Allen's Corner,

Not mentioned but believed to be exhibited:

Christmas Window,
Winter in New England


First of all, it is remarkable the article names names! But we are grateful because it is very rare to have the name of a buyer for a chalk.

Also, we find it really unusual and kind of odd, maybe even unbecoming ... for an artist of Woodward's stature to be commissioned to draw people's fireplaces. At the same time, it is a clear demonstration of RSW's modesty and his desire for quality art to be accessible to all.

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