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Robert Strong Woodward's ICICLES

Icicles hanging from the roof
Icicles hanging from the roof

"Icicles form when the air is around freezing level. The areas not in direct sunlight will be cool and below freezing, while the sun melts ice and snow on more exposed surfaces. The melting water dripping down along edges refreezes in the cool air, forming a column of ice - the icicle. If icicles are attached to a structure other than a large volume of ice, they usually don't grow very large before breaking by their own weight."

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Icicles have always formed outside the studio windows of Robert Strong Woodward because the studios were all fireplace-warmed inside and there was never any insulation in the ceilings or attics. Therefore, as the snow on the roof melted, the water ran down to the roof edge and as it dripped off, formed icicles.

Almost all of the RSW winter window paintings had icicles hanging outside the blue-sashed windowpanes.

This essay concentrates on the masterful way in which Robert Strong Woodward painted icicles.

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North Window (Chalk)
North Window (Chalk)
Closeup of Icicles
Close-up of icicles shown in The Green Bottle And The Barn

I worked many tedious hours to present to you evidence that Robert Strong Woodward painted much more accurate and beautiful icicles than any other painter. Unfortunately, even using the most current computer image technology, I feel that I have failed to document this. Therefore I are requesting that when you have the opportunity to view a Woodward winter window painting in the future, that you stand close, in good lighting, and look for yourself at the icicles outside the blue-sashed window panes. Then decide. I am sure you will agree:

No one ever painted icicles like RSW.

No one ever will.

February 2014