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Time Period:
Prior to 1930.

Painted in old studio.

Oil on Canvas

Still Life

25 X 30

"exhibited quite generally about the
country. RSW




The pewter plate and candlestick are still in the home of the artist.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted in old studio prior to 1930. Still life, exhibited quite generally about the country."

Comment on the back of a sepia print:

"Deep and rich color, rather dark. The silk (once given me by Mrs. Dresser) from Bulgaria, deep blue and purple, changeable silk spots, white in some lights, red in others, tin candlestick, pewter plate, deep brown jug holding red alder berries, apples, all a rich red-foreground dark brown, with color reflections. $450."

Additional Notes

Syracuse Post Standard, May 31, 1931. Art Chat, by Anna W. Olmsted

".The still life Apples and Silk also is painted with rare skill, the silky folds harmonizing deliciously with the ruddy apples."

Syracuse Post Standard, May 1931

"A unique still life is Woodward's Apples and Silk, a curious harmony of rich blue background tapestry and shiny red fruit. The charm of this picture lies in the sheen of the polka-dotted fabric which the artist was so careful to reproduce in oil. The material was given the artist by Mrs. F. S. Wicks of 207 Brattle Road, and Woodward, in sending the picture for exhibition in Syracuse, graciously wrote that the silk is 'a very piece of stiff foreign textile.' Mrs. Wicks first observed Woodward's paintings several years ago at the home of a friend in Boston and has since admired many of his works. She has met the artist on several occasions in New England."

Pewter Plate
The Pewter Plate

This painting remains in the artist's estate.

The pewter plate and candlestick are still in the home of the artist.