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Time Period:
Prior to 1928

The Keach sugar house
Charlemont Road

Oil on Canvas


Sugaring, Keach Farm

27 X 30

Hotel Weldon, Greenfield, ?

Emmett H. Naylor



This painting was believed to be initially owned by and hung in Greenfield's Hotel Weldon for an unknown period of time. It was later aquired by Emmett Naylor. It is unknown how Mr. Naylor made this arrangement.

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RSW's Diary Comments

"Painted prior to 1928. Made from Harrison Keach"s sugar house, and painting from which the Weldon Hotel picture was made. Bought by Emmett H. Naylor of Springfield, Mass. and Cummington and hung in his Cummington home until his death in 1939, when the painting went into the hands of his son, Winford Caldwell Naylor (grandmother at 20 Ridgewood Place, Springfield, Mass, (Caldwells). 'A previous canvas, owned by F. E. Williams was also called "Early Sugaring" --so I have designated them as E.S. #1 and E.S. #2.'"

Additional Notes

Old postcard of Hotel Weldon
An old postcard of Hotel Weldon

Notes regarding Early Sugaring #2

"The Naylor children family own a 27 x 30 sugaring picture (same subject as the one owned by the Weldon Hotel, Greenfield), bought by their father before he died. It can be located through Miss Mary F. Grant, at 20 Ridgewood Place, Springfield, Mass; who lives with the children's grandmother, Mrs. Caldwell, or through their mother, now Mrs. Stimson, of 1120 Beacon St., Brookline, Mass."

Early Sugaring #2 hanging in the Weldon Hotel
Early Sugaring #2 on display over the fireplace
in the Weldon Hotel in Greenfield, Mass.