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Time Period:
Prior to May 1929

Rowe, MA

Chalk Drawing


Houses, People & Livestock

22 x 29





This drawing shares the same subject, a crumbling "rare" house in Rowe, MA, as two other works by Woodward.

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RSW's Diary Comments

Comments taken from New England Essence diary remarks:

"Painted in 1943. A canvas made in the studio in the winter of 1943, from sketches in oil made a number of years ago. (Also made chalk drawing of this same subject, now owned by Charles Stoddard of Greenfield) of the quaint old house in Rowe, Mass (now demolished). Have made several paintings in the past of this rare old house. Sold by Vose Galleries in Atlanta, Georgia, April 1, 1947 to Dr. Amey Chappell of Atlanta, Georgia."

Additional Notes

Close Up of RSW's signature and the title.
Close Up of RSW's signature and the title.

Boston Globe, May, 1929 by A. J. Philpott

"....High in New England is a gem. In it you look across the hilltops onto a wonderful sky. The whole thing is radiant."

New York Herald Tribune, Sunday, Sept. 3, 1933 by Royal Cortissoz

"Then there is a singularly vital pastel, High in New England, brilliantly technically and particularly impressive in its characterization of a scene, both beautiful and grim."

High in New England Close Up
A closer look at the man raking hay
in the front yard.
High in New England Close Up
A closer look at the house. Note the condition of
the windows and clapboards.