Featured Artwork: High in Plainfield

High in Plainfield

The above image is a scan of a print image found in the October, 1927, issue of McCalls Magazine. Feb. 2008: Barn is now gone. Was originally located on Central Street in Plainfield, MA

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High in Plainfield Picture 1
The Barn, Mr. Shaw and his oxen.

This piece was exhibited at the 1928 J. H. Miller Co. Galleries Exhibition along with 37 other paintings and chalk drawings. Click on the article at bottom of page to see the full article.

Current location of this chalk drawing is unknown.

The photograph (right) is from the Howes brothers collection was sent to us to add to this site. It was taken in 1897 showing the barn and Mr. Shaw with his oxen:

High in Plainfield Picture 2
The old farm house.

A photo (left) of the old farmhouse (out of site to the right above) is shown in a similar Howes brothers photograph taken in 1898. The barn was taken down in 1953 and the beams and chestnut planks used in restoring this house.

Photos courtesy of Ed Kohn, Plainfield, MA who owns the original Howes Brothers photos.

McCall's Magazine Cover, October 1927
McCall's Magazine Cover, October 1927

Right: is the McCall's October 1927 cover for which we got the above image of High in Plainfield. RSW is given illustration credit to an artilce written by Corrine Roosevelt Alsop. To view a hi-res image of the magazine cover and article Click Here or the button provided below.

Right: Springfield Union, April 1928, by Jeanette Matthews

J.H. Miller Article April, 1928
Clipping of the article reviewing the
J.H. Miller Galleries Exhibition