Theme Gallery: Stunning Skies

An * asterisk next to title denotes the availability of a high resolution photo. Please see also our Scrapbook Story on Clouds.
Unnamed 6
Unnamed 6*
Back of the Village
Unnamed 7
Unnamed 7
Clouds over a barn
Unnamed 9
Unnamed 9*
Beech on sea of hills
Unnamed 14
Unnamed 14*
From Under the Studio Tree
Unnamed 20
Unnamed 20*
Above the Winter Hills
Unnamed 23
Unnamed 23*
Winter scene from studio door
Unnamed 26
Unnamed 26*
Stone wall meets tree
Unnamed 35
Unnamed 35
Red silo and barn
Unnamed 38
Unnamed 38
West Glow
Unnamed 40
Unnamed 40*
A brilliant autumn
Unnamed 44
Unnamed 44*
Beech tree under clouds
Unnamed 48
Unnamed 48*
Beech tree on a ledge

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